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Clicksperday is most accurate website value calculator in the market. We instantly provide you estimated value of the website.

What we provide

Our website value tool will also gather

Genuine Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Google Indexed Pages, Yahoo Indexed Pages, Bing Indexed Pages, Google Back-links, Yahoo Link-Domains, Domain registered date, Web Archive link, Title, Description, Keywords, Ad-Sense Id, Analytics Id, Similar sites, competitor Sites and many more website statistics made avaliable for you. From these you may like to derive your own website value systems.

What we do

We clicksperday team have tried our level best to calculate the statistics accurate

We have more ideas so every single day you can see changes in our website. Website value estimated are only based on extrapolated data from 10 Million users, Data used to calculate website value may not be distributed equally across different geographies & age groups. Website value is calculated on average conversion rate of the clicks (can be much higher or lower ). Value of company may be much higher than the value of website. So this factors may result for error.

You can use our website value calculation as reference to Buy/Sell the websites. But before making purchase verify the Google Analytics PDF.

We would like to here from you. You have a comment/feedback then tweet us. If you can contribute to improve our website value calculation, Your are always welcome. Please do not automated to grab the statistics displayed on clicksperday website. We will block not only your IP, but the range of your IP (ISP range) for life time!!!. Thanks & Have a nice time on our website.

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